Kosherfest Review- World’s Biggest Kiddush

The upcoming Kosherfest on November 13-14 is starting to create a buzz in the local Jewish communities in New York – New Jersey area. Kosher Fest is a small regional kosher trade fair expo held annually in Meadowlands Exposition Center, New Jersey exhibiting ethnic kosher Jewish food predominantly for the local Jewish food market. It is expected to be flooded by over 2000 kosher food producers and buyers from the Williamsburg, Borough Park, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Midwood, New Square and Lakewood Township areas.

Kosherfest displays a wide array of Jewish food like  potato and onion kugel, coleslaw, gefilte fish, kokash cake, bagels and  kosher wine from the local food grocery stores and supermarkets.  If you want to try out delicious Jewish food, Kosherfest is a great way to start. Kosher foods like  cold cuts from Meal mart,  Streit’s Matzos,  Cheese From Mehadrin Dairy, Manischewitz’s Tamtam, Gefilte Fish,  Schmaltz Herring are usually featured in Kosherfest. It is a good means for kosher food producers to sell their products and for the buyers to try out these kosher certified products.

This trade show is considered in the Jewish circles as the world’s biggest kiddush in the middle of the week because of the huge crowd of consumers who attends and tastes everything. It is not likely  for the companies like Walmart, Unilever, Coca-cola, Hershey’s, Pillsbury and  Ferrero Rocher  to display their kosher products in Kosherfest. As these companies do not usually target the local Jewish communities as the Kosherfest is trying to to cater. Kosherfest has a few booths or exhibitors displaying  food  additives and new technologies. Kosher manufacturers looking for kosher food additives can check out Kosher Register’s tradeshow section where famous ingredient shows around the globe like  FIA in Shanghai or the FIE in Paris are featured. Kosherfest is more of a showcase of local Jewish food and beverage, likened to a benediction over wine before Sabbath  – kiddush. Also, these kiddush size foods in the expo are a treat to the eyes and to the palate. Kosherfest is a celebration of Jewish food and sustainability.

In a way, Kosherfest is a manifestation of the growth of the local Kosher Industry. More people are preferring kosher food these days. It is not just restricted to the Jews. Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, lactose intolerant and many others trust the supervision of kosher certification agencies. Kosher News Wire featured that the “kosher” claim on new products topped once again in a recent study by Mintel. Kosher food is tasty too! Well, we’ll just have to see what Kosherfest will offer this year.


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